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菠菜网lol正规平台 is humbled 和 excited to announce new higher-level education partnerships 和 opportunities that are available to both current 和 prospective students who are seeking continuing education after undergraduate completion.

With these new additions comes the chance for students to continue to thrive at Bethany 和 beyond, 通过无缝的教育过渡到更高的学位. 我们的“流水线”和速成课程为学生提供了获得学位的捷径, 这意味着更少的时间 更少的钱.

Bethany is taking bold steps towards forming the educational future that will continue to foster developing minds for years to come. 我们正在根据三年战略计划为未来创造一个乐观的愿景, 为一生而建. 随着高等教育格局的变化, Bethany strives to continue to provide current 和 prospective students with new avenues to pursue advanced degrees.

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新的伙伴关系 & 机会

宝达尼学院在9月为学生推出了一个新的机会. 这将使毕业生在进入劳动力市场时具有竞争优势.B.A. 4 + 1项目. 随着公告, 菠菜网lol正规平台 became one of the only institutions offering this program across the tri-state area. 虽然有无数的机构提供M.B.A. 他们不提供像伯大尼学院那样的速成课程.

我们的硕士课程也对其他机构的学生开放.B.A. 4+1课程是为任何专业的学生设计的, 只要他们修完工商管理的辅修课程. Students who have been accepted into the program will complete one course during their senior year 和 12 credit hours of coursework for three semesters following graduation: summer, 秋天, 和春天.

在10月. of 2022, 菠菜网lol正规平台 和 西弗吉尼亚骨科医学院 partnered to offer Bethanians the opportunity to earn early guaranteed admittance to WVSOM, 成功完成课程要求后.

伯大尼学院的学生在大二期间有资格被考虑. 学生的理科平均成绩必须达到3分.4或以上, 还要完成八小时的生物实验, 还有八小时的普通化学实验. Applications should be completed during the spring of junior year, 和 are due by June 30 each year. 申请提交后,面试过程将持续到7月底.

Students accepted into the program will be assigned a WVSOM faculty mentor to monitor their progress 和 answer questions. They will also provide students with job shadowing opportunities 和 chances to exp和 their network with medical professionals.

二十多年来,WVSOM一直被评为全国顶尖医学院之一. WVSOM is also number one in the nation among all medical school graduating physicians who practice in rural areas according to Academic Medicine.

菠菜网lol正规平台 announced a collaboration with Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) College of Pharmacy in Oct. of 2022 to provide those attending Bethany a pipeline into the NEOMED College of Pharmacy through an early assurance program.

根据本协议, 申请伯大尼学院入学的候选人, 以及已经在伯大尼学院学习化学和生物化学的学生, 可以申请新医学药学学院的早期保证吗.D. 在完成宝达尼大学的60个先决条件学分后.

前提学分必须包含两个学期的有机化学实验, 两个学期的物理实验, 上了两个学期的生物实验室, 还有一学期的生物化学.

The two institutions will collaborate to offer pre-admission 和 pharmacy career counseling opportunities for prospective 和 current students at 菠菜网lol正规平台.

在10月. of 2022, 菠菜网lol正规平台 和 西维吉尼亚州 University Reed College of Media signed a dual agreement between the two Mountain State institutions. The agreement provides Bethany business 和 communication students with three different accelerated graduate-level program opportunities—integrated marketing communications (IMC), 数据营销, 数字营销.


The 4 + 1 program allows Bethany students to attend WVU for an intro course during their senior year. 西弗吉尼亚大学的研究生课程通常需要16个月才能完成, 但是有了这个协议, 学生可以在一年内完成研究生课程,既节省了时间又节省了金钱.

Bethanians can now embark on a seamless journey from 菠菜网lol正规平台 to Saint George’s University in Grenada, 西印度群岛. 学生可以攻读高级学位,如医学博士或兽医博士.

In the 4+4 program students can complete four years of pre-medical or pre-veterinary coursework at the College to be fast-tracked for admission into four-year programs at the St. 乔治医学院或兽医学院. Students pursuing the medical route will have the option to complete the first two years of their studies in Grenada or spend the first year at Northumbria University in 英国 和 the subsequent two years in Grenada, followed by two years of clinical rotations at SGU’s affiliated hospitals in the United States 和/or 英国. Veterinary students will complete three years of study in Grenada 和 the final clinical year at SGU’s affiliated schools located in the United States, 加拿大, 英国, 澳大利亚, 爱尔兰, 或者荷兰.

在3+4项目中, students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biology or chemistry can apply to be admitted into SGU’s School of Medicine after three years at 菠菜网lol正规平台. 在格林纳达读大四的时候, students will complete the first Basic Sciences year of the MD Program before earning their bachelor’s degree. 然后学生们将在格林纳达继续他们的医学学习, followed by two years of clinical rotations at hospitals affiliated with SGU in the United States 和/or 英国.

6月30日, 2022, 菠菜网lol正规平台 和 阿巴拉契亚法学院 (ASL) signed an accelerated dual degree agreement to give Bethany students the opportunity to obtain a Juris Doctor in six years rather than the usual seven, 节省学生不仅时间,而且金钱.

加速法学院担保的申请必须在1月6日之前收到. 学生希望进入法学院的第一年. 只要申请人符合资格,就保证进入美国手语, 字符, 以及从事法律工作的健康要求.

要符合资格, 贝大尼学生必须完成贝大尼学院的所有核心要求, 至少有两年半的居住时间, 在伯大尼学院至少修满90个学分, 并通过了综合考试. 他们还必须获得本科法律预科指导老师的许可才能进行加速学习, 保持最低累积本科平均绩点3.LSAT成绩等于或超过153分.

For students who do not qualify for the DDA Program but wish to apply upon completion of their baccalaureate degree, 美国手语协会将审核他们的申请. 一旦符合资格要求, ASL will schedule an interview with the student to assess abilities 和 maturity for professional study, 然后在一周内迅速做出决定.

菠菜网lol正规平台 is now offering students a track into Wheeling’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. DPT项目, 通过惠灵健康科学学院, 每年至少招收两名伯大尼学院的学生.

在应用程序, students must have completed an undergraduate degree from Bethany 和 have maintained an overall cumulative grade point average of at least 3.3对4.0规模.

Students may pursue any undergraduate route that meets the requirements of Wheeling University DPT. After completing a verified application with the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) 和 receiving the accepted Graduate Record Examination scores, 学生将继续通过面试程序,以获得潜在的项目安排.