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Bethany College offers a wide array of opportunities for our alumni and friends to consider when making gifts to enable Bethany to thrive into the future. Your gifts to Bethany can be designated to endow a personally-specific project of academic or facility focus, or you may also wish to contribute to an already existing endowment from the list of endowments described below.

无论您是想捐献一个新的计划还是捐献一个现有的基金, Bethany welcomes your support. In addition you may wish to design your estate to support Bethany through a planned gift. You are invited to discuss your plans for a gift with a member of Bethany’s development team in the Office of Institutional Advancement. Please call 304.829.7723或邮寄礼品,并注明:

Bethany College
31 E Campus Dr
Bethany, WV 26032-3002


An endowed gift is one in which the principal funds are invested and only investment returns are utilized for the donor’s stated purpose. 拥有专业的投资管理协助, 受托人管理捐赠基金以使其增长并与通货膨胀保持同步. 十大菠菜导航网址的捐赠包括奖学金, professorships, lectureships, library acquisitions, and programs.

Endowed Department

捐赠系永久授予由捐赠人命名的一个或几个人荣誉. The endowment assists with operational cost related to the department by underwriting equipment needs, technology, and faculty development expenses. 捐资系可获得最低5美元的资助.0 million.

Endowed Majors

捐赠专业授予一个或多个由捐赠者命名的人永久的荣誉. The endowment assists with operational cost related to the department by underwriting equipment needs, technology, and faculty development expenses. 捐资专业的最低资助金额为3美元.0 million.

Endowed Chair

捐资主席授予一个或多个由捐款人命名的人永久的荣誉. 将任命杰出的学者教师担任这些职位. 主讲人可以最少$2的捐献来资助.0 million.

Endowed Professorships

捐赠教授授予一个或多个由捐赠者命名的人永久的荣誉. 将任命杰出的学者教师担任这些职位. 教授职位的资助最低为1美元.5 million.

访问ing Distinguished Professorships

Endowed 访问ing Distinguished Professorships honors in perpetuity a person or persons named by the donor. 将任命杰出的学者教师担任这些职位 on an annual basis to bring special competencies or unique perspectives to the campus community. 访问杰出教授的资助最低为$1.0 million.

Endowed Programs

伯大尼的学术项目可获得50万美元的最低捐赠. 捐赠人与学院就所得收入的用途和使用达成一致. There are few gifts as important to Bethany as those designated to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Endowed Lectureships

捐资讲师的头衔也授予由捐款人命名的人永久荣誉. Distinguished speakers are brought to campus for a lecture series in the academic department named by the donor. 讲师资格的资助最低为10万美元.

Endowed Scholarship

奖学金可以根据某些标准来指定,包括, but not limited to, geographic region, area of study, academic standing, 等. Donors are encouraged to make additional contributions to their scholarships in order to increase the earnings. 奖学金的最低捐赠额为25,000美元.

Book-A-Year Endowments

向这个捐赠基金捐赠500美元可以为T购买一本书.W. Phillips Memorial 图书馆 each year; thus, the gift is perpetuated on an annual basis. Each gift is recognized with an inscription on a brass leaf that is placed on a Tree of Knowledge in the 图书馆.

Reunion Class Gifts

The Reunion Class Gift Program provides a unique opportunity for members of each class to become new donors or increase their support of The Bethany Fund in honor of their reunion. 没有比投资十大菠菜导航网址的未来更好的方式来纪念你的过去了. Gifts at all levels make a difference. Take this opportunity to join your classmates in making a gift to support the education and student life at Bethany.

首页coming in the fall and 校友 Weekend in the spring present ideal occasions for alumni to celebrate the rewards and the memories of Bethany. During these events, special recognition is given to the 25th (Silver Anniversary) and the 50th (Golden Anniversary) class members. In addition, the classes celebrate their connection with Bethany by making a special “Reunion Class Gift.”

如果你在金融市场的投资是成功的, you can use these assets without losing a substantial portion of your earnings to the capital gains tax by making your gift with appreciated stock. 也, a gift of stock held more than one year may qualify for a charitable income tax deduction equal to the securities’ full fair-market value. 你也可以把有价证券放在共同基金里作为礼物. You can give stocks through electronic transfer and stock certificates and stock powers.

Appreciated stocks, 债券, 家族企业中少数人持有的股票或其他财产可能会交给十大菠菜导航网址.

The value of the gift is determined by the average market value of the stock on the date the gift is transferred to Bethany. For further details, contact your broker and a member of the Bethany Development Staff.

Electronic Transfer

给 stock through electronic transfer is the easiest method when a donor maintains holdings in a brokered account. 存款ory Trust Company, or DTC, is the clearinghouse for electronic security transfers. 每家经纪公司都有一个特定的DTC号码. When you wish to make a gift of stock, provide the following information to the transferring broker.


FBO NFS Acct: # WHQ-017566
DTC: 0226
Clearing Broker: Hazlett, Burt & 沃森
Reference: [Donor’s Name]

请通知伯大尼学院的制度发展中心, before the transfer so that the College can make arrangements with its broker to receive the stock. 学院不能保留身份不明的抵押品. At the same time, 请注明捐款用途, such as an annual gift to a school, a pledge payment, or funds for a planned gift.

Stock Certificates and Stock Powers

If you send a stock certificate that is in your name, a letter of intent must be included. 请另寄一份有签名的库存电源. 学院不建议发送签名证书. Stock powers are available from the Office of Institutional Advancement or from any broker. 在库存电源上,您的签名是唯一需要的项目. 如果证书是以学院的名义,则不需要库存电源. The process for re-registering stock certificates (transferring the certificate into the College’s name) can take from two to four weeks. Stock certificates should be sent to:

If sent by U.S. Postal Service:
Center for Institutional Advancement
Bethany College
31 E Campus Dr
Bethany, WV 26032

证书是否已重新注册到宝达尼学院, 信函中应注明捐赠人及捐赠目的.

老梅因骄傲地屹立在宝达尼的中心, a bastion of tradition, welcoming students, teachers, 和管理人员都投入了哥特式的怀抱. 一想到十大菠菜导航网址,你就会情不自禁地想起老美因. It’s only natural.

请给伯大尼做一笔可免税的捐款,用于保护老梅恩. Reaching our goal of $2.500万美元将确保老梅因继续屹立不倒, allowing future generations the same experience that has inspired so many who have come before.

有关命名机会的更多信息, 给予级别或纪念砖和铺路石,请下载 保护老Main基金会 宣传册. Thank you.

Donate online 或十大菠菜导航网址的机构进步中心,304.829.去发现你可以有所作为的许多其他方法.

To mail in a gift, please print 旧主退卡的保存 and mail to:

The Preservation of Old Main
Bethany College
31 E Campus Dr
Bethany, WV 26032-3002

Questions? Please contact Sven de Jong at 304.829.7723 or send an email to

The Joseph Kurey Fund is a fundraising effort to honor the life and memory of Bethany College alumnus and longtime employee Joseph M. Kurey ’62.

Gifts of Cash

现金捐款可以支票缴付, money order, or credit card (Visa, Master Card, 发现, (美国运通)通过一份礼物或分期付款. 通过与雇主匹配的礼物计划,礼物可能会增加一倍或三倍.

给 a Gift Now

Gifts of Personal Property

Bethany accepts gifts of art, jewelry, antiques, rare books, manuscripts and similar property. Should you choose this type of gift, 您将需要获得一个独立的价值评估的税务目的.

Gifts of Real Estate

房地产可以提供一个方便的方式来支持学院. 你可以将房地产作为直接或延期赠与. For example, a donor can make a gift of a home or farm while retaining life tenancy. 请与开发人员联系以获取更多信息.


遗赠是最常见的有计划的捐赠形式. With a bequest, 你在遗嘱里为十大菠菜导航网址做了准备, 指定你财产的金额或百分比给学院. Whatever the amount, bequests to Bethany are free from federal estate tax and the estate and inheritance taxes of most states. 遗赠应该在你的律师的建议下拟定和执行.

Gifts of Life Insurance

You may assign Bethany as a beneficiary or co-beneficiary of your life insurance policy. 当宝达尼被指定为保单所有人及/或不可撤销受益人时, 保单的现金价值可在您的所得税申报表中扣除. 此后支付的保费也可扣除所得税.

The Order of the Bronze Bison serves as the highest recognition bestowed by Bethany upon those individuals who have included the College in their long-range financial planning.

Membership is conferred upon alumni and friends who help underwrite the future of Bethany College in their wills or through an alternate planned giving program.
The late Pearl Mahaffey, 一位在宝大尼久负盛名的教授, 被授予青铜野牛勋章的第一位成员. 自1968年4月马哈菲教授入职以来的每一年, 十大菠菜导航网址已经认可了那些被接纳为会员的人

如果你想知道更多关于将十大菠菜导航网址纳入你的遗产计划, please contact a member of the Development Staff.